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Velimir Maksimovic
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About Me young,fit and healthy for my age, have 3 beautiful daughters, very happy in a relationship, work in Risk and Fraud for a bank, love family,good food,good wine,good friends, travel
Velimir Maksimovic
Matt LeBlanc on Cooking and His Daughter
197 days ago

Hi Ellen, what a show!goes without saying you and your show are entertaining,fun and on top of that all the great guests you have on the show. Im from Australia where your show is very popular and love watching whenever we can. My partner, myself and my 2 sisters are travelling to the US in April/May 2014 to visit our Auntie and your great country. We will be in LA May 15th and 16th and will be making every attempt to get tickets for your show. I am trying both dates but Im assuming due to popularity that tickets are released in small lots. Look forward if the opportunity arises to see your great show, good luck for the Oscars,