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Vanessa carmenovae
Name Vanessa carmenovae
Location Jonesboro, ga
Age 36
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Hobbies helping out neighbors and people in need .
About Me I'm a mother of 5 very creative always thinking of new ideas love to help other people always truthful I always see the silver lining even though life is always throw many curve balls first to go to college in my family . I love people .
Vanessa carmenovae
Inspiring Family Wins a Huge Shopping Spree!
594 days ago

Hello..Ellen .my name is Vanessa I'm a mother of 5 children . I've struggle most of the time . I barely have had the necessitates.. A home of my own would be a great start since I've Never OWN one..I need some serious help . I have nothing for my children for Christmas my kids are wonderful . most of them are A and B students . but because of the struggles lAtely they haven't been as encouraged. all I ask is for them to have 5 children tablets . for education proposes . I really want them to further their education and go to college . I don't have the money but I'm am a graduate or UOP STRIVING to provide for my children any way you could help would be appreciative' one of my biggest things is not having the support I need from my family . I do watch your shop .I must say I love your giving spirit . I hope that you will read this letter .sincerely..Vanessa .