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Valerie Thomas
Name Valerie Thomas
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Hobbies Gardening, (wow- just realized that I don't have any hobbies. Taking care of my Mom has been my entire life since Dad passed away 7 yrs ago.)
About Me I'm oh so close to retiring (Dec, 2014)! Been working since I was 16 and I'm ready to travel!! I'm 65, going on 40, have a wonderful family and looking forward every August to my making my annual trek to Cozumel with my 3 closest friends! YaY!!
Valerie Thomas
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132 days ago

Just had to let you know how you've brightened our lives. My 88 year old mom grew up on a farm. She was the oldest of 6 children and her day consisted of work and more work. She has never watched TV during the day, said it was a waste of precious time. She was recently released from the hospital to home hospice. We got a flat screen TV for her bedroom wall as possible entertainment. Last week, I asked her if she wanted me to turn on her TV. She responded, "Only if it's Ellen". (Her caregiver had introduced her to your show!) It warms my heart to see her laugh again. Thank you Ellen! You're an Angel.