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Hobbies playing with my grandkids, reading and doing sequin and bead Christmas stockings
About Me I am 60 years old and have managed to survive life so far. I mostly have been busy with my family. I have 5 children, 1 who passed away when she was 3 months old. Just as we because empty nesters when my 20 year old youngest moved out of our house, my sister passed away. Her husband had passed away 10 years earlier and with her death, that left 3 children without parents. We moved their children in to our house and finished raising them. Our goal was to provide a stable place for them that they could call home, especially since their home had been altered. Things didn't work out quite as well as we had hoped but we had a great time with them until the youngest turned 18 years old. Now we are enjoying our second chance at being empty nesters but gratefully, there's very little quiet time at our house. Our 4 children and their families live right in our area and we enjoy tremendously, having fun times with our 9 (almost 10) grandchildren. It's the best!!
Valerie Ringer
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364 days ago

I was watching your show and you said if we knew anyone who needed help, to let you know. I immediately thought of the sister of one of my friends, and a devastating trial they are going through. They were in a terrible wreck in New York. My friends sister, Tanya was killed immediately. Tanya's daughter who is the mother of the 7 children that were in the car with them, was in ICU with terrible injuries for days. Her 12 year old son and 14 daughter are still on life support. The 12 year old has some brain injury, and the doctor told them that there are 206 bones in the human body, and the 14 year old broke 207 other words, she's in terrible shape. Anyway, as you can imagine, they are being buried in medical bills. I would LOVE to see them get some help. My friends grandchildren have even had a lemonade/cookie stand sale last week, to help earn some money. It's a VERY desperate situation and I would appreciate any help you could give this family that has been thrown in to such a totally exhausting and devastating situation. They still haven't had the funeral for my friends sister (Tanya Hodson) because her daughter is due any day with a baby, and her dad wants her to be able to attend the funeral. Anyway, there is so much sadness and I would love to see them get a little sunshine in the middle of such devastation. There is a website where you can go to read the article about the accident, and those involved. It was a HUGE wreck in New York. This is the website:

Thank you in advance, for anything you can do. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. 435-770-9658