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Valerie Curtiss
Name Valerie Curtiss
Location Plains, Montana
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Hobbies Art, photography, writing and gardening.
About Me Widowed, love music, art, photography and gardening and nature.
Valerie Curtiss
Message from Ellen
257 days ago

Congratulations Ellen, love love love you, you brighten up my day! Your generosity to those in need is so heartwarming, and it is wonderful to see the smiles and the tears when they receive the love and care that you give them! Hugs Ellen!

Valerie Curtiss
The One and Only Rihanna!
570 days ago

I tried to enter your giveaway and note that at the top it said January 27th and the answers did not match up with what I saw which was CANDY CANE. I love love love your show and have always admired you as you say what you think but never ever try to hurt anyone with your humor. You are so generous and thoughtful when you help those who are in need. Hope you go on for another 10. Happy New Year to you and Portia and your family.