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Valerie Ashley
Name Valerie Ashley
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Valerie Ashley
Get a Grant from Halo and the Petco Foundation
253 days ago

I wish Ellen would do a spot on exotic bird rescues. We've recently been in the news and trying to get the word out not only about our move but the plight of captive birds in rescues.

Valerie Ashley
Support Indy the Dog
274 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I am the Admin for an Exotic bird rescue in Rhode Island that has just been given some devastating news. Our plaza was sold and the new owners are turning two buildings into a parking lot, one of which is ours. We were given until Dec 30th to find a new location. We are fundraising and searching for a new location and 100,000 would literally make the difference between life and death for the 70 birds we are caretakers for. The owner is 67 years old, a veteran and has cared for these and other birds for the past 17 years using his retirement and Social security. Take a moment to view our current video fundraiser. The money we generate will help us find a new nest. Your help and any support will be greatly appreciated.