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Valerie Alviar
Name Valerie Alviar
Location San Antonio, Texas
Age 27
Joined 664 days ago
Hobbies music, sports, photography, I enjoy dancing, hiking, and most of all I like making people laugh :)
About Me I attend Texas A&M University of San Antonio-Go Jags! I work at Clear Channel Media & Entertainment as well as Allied THA. My grandma & I watch Ellen religously, I even caught my grandma dancing when Ellen was as if she was there too. I have a wonderful sister & nephew. My mom works in education and my step dad has embraced me in my Latin roots. I'm 25, single, Catholic, waiting til marriage & I want to be an actress. I look up to Anna Kendrick as an actress, she is brilliant! I hope I can follow in her footsteps. My current celeb crushes are between zac efron & jake gyllenhaal. I'm always up to learning about new things from music to cultures, to organizations, etc. A huge goal in life is making a difference :)
Valerie Alviar
Selena Gomez, The Killers
664 days ago

Selena Gomez is amazing!!! I think she's a great actress but I hope she comes out with some new music. That's when she tours and hopefully then she can make a stop in San Antonio, TX...Ellen you're the best, keep dancing! Also congrats on season 10 :)