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Hello whoever is reading this. I was on YouTube watching videos and I saw Talia so I clicked on it which led to about three hours of Ellen. I saw the video where those sweet kids just talked about their amazing mother and that's what I wanted to do. My mother is an amazing woman, she always cleans after us, she's a board certified surgeon at Forest Hills in Queens. Because of her hard work we are allowed to live in Greenwich, CT. Then in 2013, one week before her birthday she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer (and we checked on July 3rd and NOTHING was there). The next week she had a double surgery (can't spell it). The next week she had her party. Right now she is under chemotherapy. The reason why I'm writing this is because I was reading the National Enquirer and saw that you had the same experience with your mother except three years older than me. I just wanted to say how amazing me mother is and that I'm so grateful that she is my mother.
-Valerie Cella