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vaka margrétardóttir
Name vaka margrétardóttir
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Hobbies Hip hop dancing art freestyle dance ballet selena gomez music and cool stuff
About Me Im 12 years old 13 in 3 months i have red hair ore i colord it red like ariana grande but it went wrong is its like oragnge blue eyes love my bff rosa how loves selena gomez too!
vaka margrétardóttir
Selena Gomez, The Killers
665 days ago

Hey Ellen ! I love u so much you are so funny and cool and i just love you so much. So i saw that you have Selena Gomez on friday she is my hero i love her so much shes so amazing funny nice sweet best signer and actor ever i just love her so much i have tweeted to her alot and sent her emails but never a reply and i know that is be cos shes a super star and shes really bussy but i wood mean the world to me if u cold tell her on your interview that a girl from iceland 13 year old named vaka just loves her so so much my room is filt with picks off her i love her soo much please Ellen if u read this comment plzzzzzzzzz reply :)
-Vaka awesome :D