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UWIZEYE Clementine Kevine Roxy
Name UWIZEYE Clementine Kevine Roxy
Joined 205 days ago
Hobbies Reading books, Watching Ellen T.V Show and Playing Basketball.
About Me My name is Clementine UWIZEYE from Rwanda and in this Country, is where I was born. I have two lovely Parent and Two sisters I love in this World and Me, I’m the last Child. I’m a Girl who like studying so much, Traveling in a different Countries and Reading also, that is also the thing I like to do sometime when I’m free but when I’m feel bad or upset, the First thing I do, is to pray God, because is the only one who knows all my feelings. I speak English, French, Kiswahili, Kirundi and of course my mother tongue Kinyarwanda. I like playing Basketball so much, Watch a T.V especially Ellen T.V Show, France24, BBC World and NBA T.V. A time, I watch a movies or Films, I would like to see the documentary Films. I like drinking water, Sometime when I want to prepare a food, I like to prepare a chips but mostly I like Fruit especially Apple. Black and White is my colors that I prefer. In entertainment, I like Taylor Swift so so ... much, Oh my God, I cannot forget Ellen DeGeneres, She’s gorgeous. In general, I like to see people happy, Living in peace where there's No Conflict, No War or other things that can cause people to be unhappy and this is the most things I hate in my real life. Other thing I don’t like, is to freak someone out, a time I do something wrong that can make someone to be sad, I move it but without forget to say SORRY for that.
UWIZEYE Clementine Kevine Roxy
Leonardo DiCaprio, Courteney Cox
199 days ago

Cool Leonardo DiCaprio, He's posh especially His kiss, Ooh ooh! He didn't kiss me mais si c'est le cas, Guess what could happen after, No don't guess, Think about it, Ooh No, What's wrong with me, Let me stop talking, Calm down Roxy. You cannot imagine how he play, How he ... Ops! Let me shut up. One thing, It's the last one, I love you Ellen DeGeneres.

UWIZEYE Clementine Kevine Roxy
Kaley Cuoco, The Wanted
200 days ago

Hi Ellen, This day was a horrible cause of work, I never even watch the show. Now, I will Never Do a Whole Job when a Half a Job Will Do. We Love your shows, Keep it up Ellen.

UWIZEYE Clementine Kevine Roxy
Day 10 of 12 Days, co-host Julia Roberts, Julia Louis-Dreyfus
203 days ago

Wow, I remember Julia in Valentine's day, she's gorgeous. This show is really awesome and I like the way you scare your visitors.

UWIZEYE Clementine Kevine Roxy
Day 2 of 12 Days, Kelly Clarkson Sings!
205 days ago

Hello Ellen, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Your all show is really Gorgeous. We love you Ellen.