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See the Winners from Day 4 of 12 Days!
598 days ago

Ho Hum! Just another day of unequal treatment. Congrats to all the women winners for the third straight day.

See the Winners from Day 2 of 12 Days
600 days ago

A little disappointing that all the winners on day 2 are women. I know Ellen is all about equal treatment so how about letting the men in? Thanks for all that you do.

You're Hired!
644 days ago

That was awesome! The young lady showed initiative and innovation to go after what she wanted. Good for Ellen in giving her a chance to make it on her show.

Send Love to Ellen's Mama
671 days ago

My wife and I wish you a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing you back on the show with your daughter.

See the List of Winners of 12 Days Tickets!
677 days ago

Congrats to the winners. I am of course disappointed that I wasn't one of them.