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umaporn      khuangthip
Name umaporn khuangthip
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About Me I am 29 year old from thailand i live in ayer rock and work my comunity only 600 people but we got 4 hotel funny girl little girl.i love this place so much.....thank you
umaporn      khuangthip
Are You Ellen's Biggest Fan in Australia?
500 days ago

Hi Ellen show
I am from thailand but i live in Australia almost 2 years
But am working at Ayer Rock work 10.30 at Lunch time i alway turn The tv on chanal 9 everyday even at home i still turn my ellen show i want to say i love you ellen your eyes is very kind .i wish you can come to ayer rock we got alot camal sunrise sunset.i want play games ellen show with you.
your wife very pretty ellen ....from Missy