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ugo ibeh
Name ugo ibeh
Location Hawthorne, California
Age 34
Joined 492 days ago
Hobbies love to cook and learn how to to read and also love taking care of my family.
About Me not much to say .married to my wonderful husband, Tony.we have two beautiful to cook and not working at the moment.we take one day at a time, because thereis only one life to live in this world.
ugo ibeh
Exclusive! Justin Timberlake on Returning to the Stage
455 days ago

JT is one of the BEST BEST , Congrats on ur wedding. I love ur songs.

ugo ibeh
Diane Keaton, Jon Bon Jovi
457 days ago

Diane Keaton was really funny, drinking the red wine and describing the character she played in big wedding, that was REALLY something else. Bon Jovi , u r a good man. what u are doing in some 3rd world countries are so heart warming . thank u. I know how it is because I came from one of them(Africa). thank u Ellen.

ugo ibeh
Matthew Perry, Chris O'Dowd
476 days ago

that is so funny. I was even pitying lauren but she did a very good job with the pranks. thumbs up. am still laughing.

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