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tyazia brown
Name tyazia brown
Joined 371 days ago
Hobbies Dancing , Singing , helping people , and save lifes
About Me Im a awesome singer hehe
tyazia brown
Justin Bieber
333 days ago

Hi my name is Tyazia . I'm 12 years old . I would love to meet justin bieber because I love him every since he became famous i wished i can go to one of his concerts but my mom doesn't have enough money to take me to his concert . All I want is to meet my favorite singer ever ! I love you justin bieber and you to ellen .

tyazia brown
Be a CoverGirl
371 days ago

Hi Ellen , My name is Tyazia . I should be the next cover girl because I think I deserve to show of my own unique style and my photo posing skills . Plus , don't you think every young girl should be able to have there dreams come true . I'm confident and positive every day . With the 20,000 I would use it to help my sister pay her hospital bills since she also has cancer like Talia . And that's why I should be the next CoverGirl . Thank You and I hope you choose me .