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Tuychiboy Kholiqov
Name Tuychiboy Kholiqov
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Hobbies Reading ,writing and listening to the lecturers .
About Me I am 27 years old . studying and working at the same time . Living in NY Doing a research work on HOW TO SUCCEED
Tuychiboy Kholiqov
Day 9 of 12 Days, Chris O'Donnell, Icona Pop -- Tuesday, December 17, 2013
222 days ago

Hi Ellen
I have been watching your show for about a year now .I enjoy it every time I watch . You have a very good sense of humor and also you are so smart and humble which are the main keys for success .
I am a writer and also a motivational speaker .
I am from Tajikistan ,central Asia . I am thinking of opening a new TV show in our country like your show ,which can encourage people ,motivates people and supports them spiritually .
I am just writing this letter to tell you I am so much grateful to you and thank you very much for giving hope to many people all around the world .
We have a saying in our language which I am going to translate it for you : " GOOD PEOPLE NEVER DIE " it means if you do good deeds for people you will be reminded every day and all the time by those people .
I wish you all the best in your current career and your future jobs .

p.s I would like to participate in your show some time if possible .
I live in NY

thanks again

Sincerely your :Tuychiboy Kholiqov