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trisha cesario
Name trisha cesario
Location burlington, mass
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Hobbies learning to make jewelry, baking,shopping
About Me Well I think others would say I am the best person they ever met in their life and I would agree. I am kind of funny a great sense of humor Mostly my calling in life was to be a nurse and was cut short of making that a long love of a career due to violence and a car accident that left me giving up on my dream. I no longer work, since 2005 I am disable now, but lucky to be alive I still don't get all down on life, I am very grateful and I recognize it everyday with a simple pray, for him to watch over love ones and help me to help another person, one day at a time, and even more grateful to have people like you to make my day a little bit happier thank-you Ellen for being you
trisha cesario
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310 days ago

I am looking on what i am supposed to be commenting on here and i am very confused,(nothing new)life is confusing,waking up is confusing,going to sleep is confusing,on and on.So about commenting,,,anything Ellen DeGeneres does is Awesome so i don't need to say much,,(because i still don't know on what i am commenting on)kidding,kidding, But i will say this about Ellen,she has the biggest heart, with her non stop kindness and over the top love for everyone,from her mom to complete strangers, let me say to you Miss Ellen,, You are Loved loved loved.I wish i was loved so much