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Trish Blankenship
Name Trish Blankenship
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Hobbies crafts, cross stitch, puzzles, spending time with my family.
About Me I'm married with two kids of my own my daughter is 19 and my son is 22 he just got out of the marine corp after 4 years. I have two step kids my step daughter is 14 and my step son is 10, I have had some people ask me was I ready to start all over again being a mom being a mom is not a job to me is just want you do and god puts people in your life for a reason and I know these kids need me, my step son has aspergers and adhd and when he first came to live with my husband and I it was really hard but with the support of his school, doctors, and cancelers he is doing so much better. Its really an adjustment staying at home I have always worked but I have to be home until we get Khristian gets to where he can adjust and handle things the way we can. Things are really tight my husband was a independent contractor for the postal service for 11 years and back in February of this year they canceled his route so he was out of work until October its not the job he really wants but its work he only makes a third of what he was making and me not working its hard but god never puts anything on us that we can't handle.
Trish Blankenship
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218 days ago

Hi Ellen I love your show your generosity, your kindness and also for the smile you put on people faces. It just touches my heart when you help people in need, watching your show and seeing you help people in need should make us all realize things could be worse. God Bless you for all you do, you have such a big heart. Merry Christmas!

- Trish in Virginia