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Name Trish
Location Hampton, Va
Age 52
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Hobbies Stained glass, jewelry, lamp worked beads, photography, and painting.
About Me I am an artist by hobby who went back to school to get a piece of paper saying I am degreed to worked in Graphic Design. I will graduate in January of 2014. I hope to get a position soon thereafter because husband became disabled. I don't mind working hard creating good design. In all of this I have come to appreciate good information design. I hope to have a little bit of time to get back to working in stained glass. It was always relaxing. There is a lot of satisfaction in holding your window up and seeing how the light makes your stained glass window come to life. I love stained glass. I also like making lamp worked beads. I have a lot of glass I have gotten over the years waiting to be melted and worked into beads. My hope is after school I will have time to work at these again on weekends. This is a hobby that takes your mind off everything and is very satisfying when all of your shaping of molten glass works out. I guess you can say I am a glass-aholic. I love everything about working in glass. I wanted to learn to blow glass but my doctor advised against it because I have asthma. He said it messes up people's lungs and I did not need any help. So I wear a mask when making lamp worked beads now because I want to continue working in glass. You really need to try it if you have never worked in glass.
Tornado Victim Finds Her Dog
422 days ago

This was such a happy ending for such a tragic event. I would have to say I would be the same way she was. Our pets become our family when the family is no longer living with you. All of my girls-Lillie my dalmatian, Emily my oldest whippet, and Baby my youngest whippet are like my kids. They even compete for attention just like my kids did when they lived at home. I would be thankful to pull through with my husband but would be a wreck if something happened to my girls. We had a tornado hit the side of house last year during the Pirates Festival. My dalmatian jumped in the closet. My whippets freaked. My husband ran them downstairs when he heard it was coming our way. He was able to run them to the back room and flip the couch. Luckily it just tore off the gutter, the siding on the left of house, shingles, and took the fence out. Luckily the tornado was not stronger. I feel so bad for these people. But finding your dog alive is a miracle this lady truly needed. I think I could handle the destroyed house over my dogs getting killed.