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About Me A breast cancer survivor, I love spending time with my children, I am a hard worker, and a caring individual.
Bethenny Discusses Her Divorce
563 days ago

Ellen I wanted to thank Bethanny Frankel for sharing her recent divorce. I too am going through a divorce after spending most of my life with this man,24 years with 17 years of marriage to be exact. I feel better that someone understands what I am going through. After struggling with being diagnosed with breast cancer and trying to move forward in remission from it, I lost my job this summer from pharmacy closers. I went to school, have a school loan and everything. I have been walking in the 60 mile Susan G. Komen for 5 years now and was talking about it for him to say when the heck are we going to stop talking about this, it is over you dont have it so move on. I knew then that we would have a hard time moving forward if he didnt accept this new part of my life. I spoke with him about the possibility of divorce and a month later I was served with papers. Right now I have no job, going through a divorce, being told from the courts that I have to live with him till divorce is final, medical bills, selling a home and being told by him that since I dont contribute $$ he will only give me half of $$ for bills and I will have to come up with the rest. I have found a couple of homes but with having no job I cant buy one until my home sells so I can use that money and with no job I cant get a loan. We have a 14yr old girl and a 12 yr old boy. My daughter is very angry and my son just wants me to be happy. It is going to get worse before better but I just have to keep the faith. I was told that no matter what to keep doing my walks for my sanity although raising the money to do the walk is hard this year. Life does take us down those winding roads but one day that will straighten out I hope. Thank you Ellen and Bethanny!!!