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Trisch Atherton
Name Trisch Atherton
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Age 44
Joined 433 days ago
Hobbies watching Series and Reality, chilling
About Me I'm a single mom with a beautiful 16 year old daughter, live in a two bedroom flat and have a wonderful job, I sing in the church choir and love being around family and friends
Trisch Atherton
Check In to Viggle!
429 days ago

Hello Ellen

I watch your show everday and if I miss it I get up the following morning at 6:30 to watch. I live in Cape Town so we two weeks behind I think, I love it when you get involved with your audiance and also when people make you laugh because your laugh makes us laugh no matter what kind of day we had. You just awesome... the $20,000 well I could also do with that as that would go towards my daughter's studies and being a single parent isn't easy but if I'm not the lucky one, I will be happy for the one that is :-)


Trisch Atherton
Rob Lowe, Alex O'Loughlin
433 days ago

Hi there

I would like to know when Ellen will be visiting Cape Town South Africa, I would really love to meet her, she is such an inspiration and a wonderful person. I wish her and Portia all the happiness and much Blessings