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Tricia Wynn
Message from Ellen
562 days ago

Hoping 2012 stays gone and 2013 is truly a better year for everyone! My resolution - Dec 21 2012 was the end of the bad and 2013 only good.

Tricia Wynn
Timothy Olyphant on His Kids
562 days ago

I cannot tell you how much my hubby and I enjoyed the Timothy Olyphant interview! Never have seen him or Justified but looking for it now! Wish we had cable :(
What Charisma!
still laughing....

Tricia Wynn
Win All the Prizes from Day 13 of 12 Days!
581 days ago

Awesome you did this for your day 13 audience!

Tricia Wynn
Ellen Found an Old Roll of Film!
583 days ago

what fun finding a roll of film and quessing what will be on it

Tricia Wynn
Howie Mandel on Underwear
587 days ago

Howie is so funny - my 5yr has just found Bobby's World on Netflix and is addicted!
It must be tough to be famous and have OCD and germphobia. Good luck with your battle!

Tricia Wynn
Find the Perfect Pet to Adopt on
591 days ago

Found Toby and Sadie both via Petfinder! Our cats, they found our barn then our home and heart!

Tricia Wynn
See the Winners from Day 2 of 12 Days
595 days ago

Hi Ellen
looking for you in Michigan :)

Tricia Wynn
Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research
603 days ago

Having a 5yr old son, I am hoping to see a cure soon so I may participate in his life instead of watching from the sidelines. Michael J Fox and his Foundation has given me hope that still may happen.