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Trainer Ali
Name Trainer Ali
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About Me Trainer Ali from Fit Body Boot Camp, Foothill Ranch. The ONLY indoor boot camp on a spring loaded floor. It's AMAZING! And the firefighters work out with us!
Trainer Ali
523 days ago

My cousin is Pink's GREATEST fan. She's crazy, fun, witty & cute. She wants to appear on your show and meet Ellen and Pink. Cool thing is she is a cross between Ellen, Pink and Jimmy Kimmel all in one. She would be an incredible addition to your show....she would be a great regular on your show. Check out her FB page photos and just see how funny she is. You would love her. Find Melissa Alba from McAllen, Texas (Our cousin is Jessica Alba....true story!)
My name is Trainer Ali from Rancho Santa Margarita. I run Fit Body Boot Camp and I NEVER post things like this, but Melissa would be a sure fit. Thanks!