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Tracy St Germain
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Tracy St Germain
McDreamy's New Ad for Tully's
462 days ago

Ellen! Congrats on your People's Choice Award! I knew you would get it! You rock!
Your show was so funny today!!! You really gave me so much joy and laughter! I love Tony's laugh and loved his segment. Love your kindness!
Love love and more love to you. Tracy St. Germain

Tracy St Germain
Bradley Cooper, Bruno Mars and Day 12 of 12 Days!
490 days ago

Dear Ellen,

Thank you for making me laugh and smile everyday! Your talents as a comedian and a person who likes to be kind to everyone, really touches my heart. Thank you Ellen for all that you do.
All I want for Christmas is to make my son happy! I am a single Mom who is currently looking for a great job. I am happy, educated, strong, and I take care of myself. Financially, it has been a rough 3 years for me. I am living with a friend right now and need a place to live. First, I need a job! Are you hiring? All I want for Christmas is to have a home for me and my son. Oh, and a hug from Bradley Cooper would put a huge smile on my face! Being able to tell my son we have our own home to go to, would be the greatest gift. My son's favorite number is 12--he was born on Feb 12th.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Kind regards,

Tracy St. Germain