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Tracy Fox
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About Me I love your show. I am so in awe of you and the inspiring things you do. Keep up the great work.
Tracy Fox
Jennifer Garner
266 days ago

I was so touched by the story about the Detroit Achievement.Academy. I love that your show spotlights some of these people and the difference they make in the world. You Ellen make a difference in the world! I went to the website for DAA to see what I could do. I am not rich or a teacher and so my contribution may not be as large but I did order books through amazon that will be shipped directly to the school. In a few months I will go back and order some other supplies for e school. I am going to tell my friend and colleagues about the school as well and see if I can spread the word. I would like to make some impact for these children. They truly are our future. Thank you so much for all you do.