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Name Tracy
Location Wolcott, Vermont
Age 49
Joined 596 days ago
Hobbies Horseback riding,photgraphy,cooking,hiking,biking,cross country skiing,most of all spending time with my two sons (Philip&David)
About Me I am very kind,big hearted,A giver to all!I am very much an animal lover!I love and admire my husband with all my heart.He works two jobs,has no luck,we just get by paying our morgage and bills and still never gives up!!I take great pleasure in the beauty that surrounds me in VT.I find mindfulness in natur. I love the ocean,sunsets and star filled nights.I give hugs and always make sure the people I love hear it very offen.
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226 days ago

I would love to win anything form your show !!

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227 days ago

You are so loving ,kind, funny, I just love your show and who you are ! I look up to you for all that you do for others !! I would love to win something from your 12 days of giveaways !! If I don't, I will always love watching you and your show !!! May you have a very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Years..... Tracy From Vermont !!

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589 days ago

Please pick me! I will share!!

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590 days ago

I would be so very happy to win something from your 12 days of Christmas! Happy Holidays to one and all!

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596 days ago

Always you are so kind and given,God bless! I am a giver and never take in return. I get so much out of knowing I made a huge difference in someones life.I don't have much and have a very hard time paying bills but will always find a way to do for others.I feel blessed to have the heart I've beeen given!! Happy Holidays. Tracy Harris