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About Me I am a nurse married to a wonderful man who is a police officer. We have 5 daughters that will all be in college this next fall. 23, 22, 21, 18 and 17. They are all great kids. Smart too! We love to spend time with them and family dinners are great! My husband and I love to ride the motorcyle for stress relief!!!
Tracey Zacks
Bethenny Frankel and Ricky Gervais
565 days ago

Dear Ellen,(Bethanny)
I am writing you because I want bethanny to know that I experienced a divorce that has seperated me from my family and many friends. People are horrible in judging others. You said it best Ellen that people don't live your life and they need to realize all is not what it seems on the outside. I have had to make family out of the people in my life who stood by me when I most needed it. I lost a lot along the way from people judging me and my situation. But the happiness I experience now in my life is so worth it. I truly believe that you cannot help when your heart will fall in love. My husband and I now were neighbors for 8 years. We began having coffee and conversations when I began working in his city where he is a police officer. I am a nurse and I was doing travel nursing infusions. In a period of three months it turned into something that I cannot explain. We had an affair. Not saying that this is right, but we caused a lot of pain to our families. But you would think that your family would support you even if they did not condone the behavior. Not in this case. I don't mean to tell all to you but I feel that bethanny needs to know that things will get better. It does suck in the beginning and if she needed someone to talk to or write I am here. We have over come great hurdles in our life in the last 7 years and we both gave up a great deal for love. We have five daughters between us and they were all friends before this and they have all come around for the most part. My oldest a 23 year old does not speak to me but i figure in time this too shall come back. We struggle day to day financially but the the friendship and love that we have is like no other. People told us it would not last and it was just lust. (Am I rambling yet!!!LOL) We laugh a lot with each other and our girls. We have done counseling and many boxes of kleenex. Laughing about stupid things helps. So bethanny try to find something humorous once a day a laugh about.And know that there are or were other people in worse situations!! Look at us!! That story is messed up!! But ellen you get me through my days when I watch you knowing that the kindness I show people when they are sick and I am taking care of them is the karma in my life. I always try to find the humor in every situation. For example this lady had her leg amputated and was depressed. I made her laugh about something and then I asked her if she wanted to play a joke on someone!! The student nurse! She agreed. So when the student came in all perky and somewhat serious she asked if we needed anything. I quickly jumped up and said "yes this lady lost something and we cant find it! you need to help us look for it! She asked what it was and the patient knew right where I was going with this and she lifted her stump and said "MY LEG!" She laughed so hard as I did. The student did not find it funny and left. The patient thanked me for the laughter and said she felt better. So I truly believe that kindness and laughter with get us through.
Ok getting back to the subject. Life is what we put into it. We cannot predict how it will go. Its messy at times and we have to learn to deal with the mess. Bethanny is still the same person and its nobodys damn business. It is rough in the beginnig but with each day find some humor, cry if you need to and know that everything that you do you do it for that little boy. Another good peice of advice....Don't ever talk bad about your husband in front of your little one no matter how you may feel. Always keep it positive for him. Ok so now that I have talked your ear off !!!!!! Thank you Ellen and Bethanny for all you do. Many blessings to both of you.
With many hugs and pinches
Tracey Zacks