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Tracey Johnson
Name Tracey Johnson
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About Me I so want to meet you. It would be a life altering experience. Just to dance with you would be a dream come true. I adore you so much and I thank God for the way you help people and I am in need of help. I am a 45 year old depresse woman who suffers from a seizure disorder and I am up able to drive. The car that we have is on it's last leg and I would so much appreciate your help. My daughter is in her 3 year of college and it is really hard to make ends meet. I am asking for your help. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and we have never been on a honey moon but that is o.k I would just love help with my daughter. Thank you in advance Tracey Johnson
Tracey Johnson
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224 days ago

I Ellen,
My name is Tracey Johnson I know you have heard this several times befpre but I really am your number one fan. I am a depressed 45 year old woman and my major depression comes from not being able to work. I have worked since I was 14 years old and because of a seizure disorder I am unable work or drive and and that gets me down.I take about 14 pills per day some twice a day and my husband works 45 hours a week and try's to make ends meet. I would so much love to be on your show it would mean the world to me. Each day I turn to CBS in Rockford and I laugh so hard I cry and I would love to do that in your studio audience. I have constant head aches and for 1 hour my mind is taken of the pain. You are so kind and loving. I also have a daughter who is in her third year of college and it is hard to provide her will money for her books and classes. Ellen please help me. I would appreciate it so much. I send you my love
Tracey Johnson