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Tori Woodall
Name Tori Woodall
Location Weatherford, Texas
Age 15
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Hobbies Dancing, Tweeting Justin Bieber, Watching Ellen, and swimming, and eating
About Me I and 14 about to turn 19 im a huge huge huge huge huge huge Justin Bieber Fan i hope to go to one of his concerts with VIP Passes and to meet him and perhaps do something with him like shopping with him for Justin Bieber Merchandise and i Made him something for his 19 birthday on muzy i will send it to you on twitter so you can check it out Thanks Ellen
Tori Woodall
Zach Braff, Chris Mann
511 days ago

Okay so i am 14 year old about to turn15 in august on the 21st but i'm a huge Justin Bieber fan i am dying to meet him someday but i was wondering for my birthday if i could meet him now i live all the way in Weatherford,Texas and if i were to meet him i don't know how ill get there but i love your show and can you please help me meet him and maybe some VIP passes to a concert please Thanks and Sincerely Tori Woodall