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Tony C Reese
Name Tony C Reese
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Hobbies Reading, poetry. Inspirational cd making
About Me I am an encourager, my wish as a child and to date. Ehy cant ee truly love rach other dispite difference. I was hurt as a teenager and believed to be unable to walk. My father did not tell me the severity and U was blessed to walk. I am married to a wife with the biggest heart in the world. We never had kids but ee opened our home yo several kids in need and now have foster kids.
Tony C Reese
An Incredible Letter from Chris Kluwe
298 days ago

God says, what is the victory in loving simeone who loves you? Loving someone who doesn't love you is truly showing your capacity to love. Are we created equal only until we disagree? This world created a barrier for fair health care, freedom to choose who we allow to make decisiins for us when we are ill, choosing who we leave out wealth to or a host of other choices requiring marriage to validate the relationship. I dont see how we can truly say we are a free nation without having freedom of choice.