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Toni Van Vooren
Name Toni Van Vooren
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Hobbies Reading! Making wreaths/crafts, And watching Ellen
About Me I live in Sioux Falls and work at Sanford Health in the IT department. I love to read, mostly science fiction/fantasy. I am married to an amazing man who makes me smile every day.
Toni Van Vooren
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
598 days ago

What do I want out of most?? Right now, I would like nothing more than I father-in-law to get better.
Paul Van Vooren was born with von hippel lindau cancer along with his 2 sisters. This cancer also took their mother's life. Pual has battled this cancer for most of his adult life. He had to have his kidneys removed in 2007 and has been on at-home dialysis since. His wife, Karen, does his dialysis 6 days a week for 3-4 hours each day.
Paul has had several difficulties since I met my husband in 2006, aquiring MRSA and finding out about a small brain tumor, but for the most part he had been healthy. A month before Ben and I got married (in July), Paul and Karen started noticing Paul's balance was off and he was slurring his vision. They didn't want to spoil our big day so they waited until after our wedding to do anything. The Monday after our wedding, Paul went in to have tests done. It turned out his brain tumor has grown significantly. The next day brain surgery was done and everything seemed to be fine. Over the next couple months though, Paul was in and out of the hospital with brain bleeds and symptoms no one could seem to explain. It was so hard watching my husband and his family go through this. I honestly thought it was the beginning of the end for Paul. But like always-he pulled through! He even got to go deer hunting with Ben 2 weeks ago.
Paul's cancer battle seems to never end but he is still alive and we are so thankfull! Paul desperatly needs a kidney transplant but with all his other complications he keeps getting taken off the list.
Paul can no longer work and Karen was layed off her job over 3 years ago. But even with all these difficulties, they are still a joy to be around. Karen is a loving wife and mother and when we suggested we not do presents for Christmas this year she wouldn't hear it! Even though they have limitied money, Karen still wants to spend it on others instead of herself.
They are truely an amazing family and right now, I would love nothing more than for Ben's father to be healthy!!

Thank you so much Ellen for making me laugh every day!!! (I know Paul and Karen love you too)
Toni Van Vooren