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Toni Rosales
Name Toni Rosales
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About Me Single mother of 3 ages 16, 21, and 24. I love my kids. I also have a great fascination for Adam Lambert.
Toni Rosales
Win All the Prizes from Day 4 of 12 Days!
594 days ago

Hey Ellen, Lets get real. I would love to have the items you give away. I know it is very unlikely to happen. But hey, I still think I should do everything in my power to make life better for my children and myself. I would love to be able to buy a reliable van. The one we have is barely running. I have disabilities that require me to go back and forth to the doctors. I have trouble driving and would love my son to have a vehicle he can take his driving test in. My car won't pass the inspection that DMV does. We don't even have a working horn. It would be great to have him drive me to all my appointments. I have always been low income and have never owned anything real expensive. I have lost a lot along the way. I have been married and lost my husband to a younger woman. I have been homeless because he left me with no way to support my kids and myself. I guess I was the only one that didn't see it coming. We lost everything. Our car, the home we lived in, most of my furniture and of course my mind. So here we go again... try, try, try!! Oh and it would be nice if I had enough left over to buy myself a bed. Right now I sleep on my couch. Which causes my back and hips to hurt more. Sure doesn't pay to get old. Especially when I feel like I should have a lot more life left in me. My body just doesn't agree. So if you can... HELP... and if you can't... it's ok. Love you anyways. Have a wonderful day!

Toni Rosales
We Want to See Your Wild Hairstyle!
596 days ago

My daughter dyed her hair half blue and half gold? Her gold turned out more like a yellow orange. She did this for her first football game performance. She is in the school marching band and those are the school colors. She looked silly because her hair kinda blended into her band uniform. Silly Girl!!! But I love her!

Toni Rosales
Worried About Gifts This Season?
597 days ago

I am a somewhat single mom. I have a husband but he lives with his girlfriend. I haven't been able to afford a divorce. I have been going through a lot. I have been homeless 2 times due to health issues that prevent me from working. I now receive public assistance. Which is barely pays the bills. I have 2 of my kids living with me. My 16yr old daughter who is still in school and my 21yr old son who helps me. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety which stops me from being able to leave my house without one of my kids and my service dog. I am currently waiting for Social Security to accept me. And because of a manager who hates me for I don't know what reason. Has convinced 3 tenants to file complaints saying my dog is aggressive. Because of this I am scared to leave my house with the threat that if my dog is around anyone I will be evicted. I really can't handle being homeless again. It's not fair to my kids. My kids have been through so much with me. I have 3 kids total. My oldest daughter lives with her fiance. They are struggling also. I would love to be able to show all my kids how much they mean to me. If not for my kids I would not be here. Sorry if I am babbling on. I am having a bad day and have been crying all day. This happens quite often due to my depression. It gets even worse this time of year because I don't have any money to have a good Christmas. I'm sure there are more needy people than myself but I still would be just as grateful for some help. Even if it is just a little bit. One small thing for each of my kids would mean the world to me. So this is some of my story and why I would love to have some help for a change. Been struggling all my live and could sure use some goodness in my life. Thanks for reading my story. I follow you on twitter and just love all the things you have done for people. You are an angel sent from heaven. And such a great role model. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Bye!!! P.S. I know I probably won't even get noticed. But thank you anyways. I really love my kids and would do anything for them.