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Toni Fields
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About Me I'm currently blessed to be spending my time taking care of my six week old baby boy. I am a former social services attorney and domestic violence prosecutor. My passion is to empower women and protect children. Over the years, I've had the many opportunities to further these goals beyond my profession including helping start a foundation for sick children and their families and taking part on a board for a juvenile girls shelter. Overall I'm a lover and studier of people and a lifelong student of the world.
Toni Fields
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281 days ago

I am all for everyone speaking their mind but it is NOT TRUE that when a bill is passed, it must be funded. There is plenty of great legislation that passes but never gets funded. It is one of the best tricks of politicians to say "I passed this bill" but the legislation never actually gets implemented because it fails to be funded. There is a huge spending problem in this country and it must be addressed. The government is not setting a good example for our children and leaving our children in financial chaos. The overspending needs to be addressed. No matter how you feel about either side, I don't think it is good to have false information out there for your viewers. Many people already find the process a mystery.