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About Me I am a 40yrs old male. I am a retired Paramedic. Nine years ago I broke my back permanently disableing me. Due to multiple complications arrising from my back operation I now am facing the biggest challenge of my life(other than getting tickets to the Ellen show)Excessive radiation to my lower back has caused a multitude of potential life threatening complications (tumora,nerve damage, collapsed disc etc)I love to sing but not a singer. I really enjoy traveling,music,the beach,Ellen Show and experiencing everything life has to offer. Being that we are so fortunate to live in a country that is made up of so many different cultures I love to try and experiencing all they have to offer from food,music,customs and lifestyles.
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597 days ago

Dearest Ellen show

I couldn't help but notice that californians seem to be almost black balled from most of the contest the show has. I am from california. Over the last two years my mom and I have requested tickets to the Ellen Show. The dates were available a confirmation e-mail sent and yet we never recieved a phone call to confirm nor tickets mailed. I did notice One lucky californian was picked on day one of the twelve days of christmas