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Tirzah Joy
Name Tirzah Joy
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Hobbies Singing, dancing, reading, writing, swimming, mainly singing and writing though. :)
About Me I'm a random seventeen year old girl who loves to sing and dance! Currently, I'm in the middle of making a children's book and I'm super excited! I've already got the written part done, I just need to finish drawing my illustrations! I really want to go to college for my creative writing degree, but I'm going to college for a safer job outlook in Medical Coding/Transcription. :/ (You gotta do what you gotta do to get money in this dog eat dog world, you know?) Anywho, I love the Ellen show so much! It's just an amazing show and Ellen is just an inspirational woman! Some nights I stay up to 2am watching her videos because they're just so addicting!
Tirzah Joy
Caption This: Two for Two
441 days ago

Aww they're so adorable! <3