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Tina Thomas
Name Tina Thomas
Location Washington, IN
Age 57
Joined 224 days ago
Hobbies Fishing,Camping,watching TV,my computer cannot do very much so i am limited to what i can do any more.
About Me I am Disablited, My Daughter Is Disablited we live together with my Grand Daughter i got Guradaitionship of here, i am a terrible speller sorry, we really cannot do to much now i am in out of remission from Rheumatoid anda lot of other things wrong, my Daughter i am glad she is here with me she had 5 strokes she is 33 my Grand Daughter is 17, i said on the form last time my Mother had passed away in July i put in for a contest to try to win tickets to see Ellen's show she would have loved that, i have no money to buy Christmas presents for my Grand Children we are in a mess here trying very hard to make it, i would love to win some thing's for my Grand Children for Christmas but that will not happen, i would just love it if we won here something's for a i have 3 grand son's 1 is 8yrs. another one is 2 and another one is 5 and my Grand Daughters are 10 and 17 if you could just see it in your hearts to help give them something i would greatly be apreciative, it breaks my heart to think they will not have Christmas, we had no Thanks giving i would just love to be able to have them something, Thank You and God Bless .
Tina Thomas
It's Day 12 of 12 Days!
219 days ago

This win 12 Day's of 12 day's would be so awesome, i would love to win this Ellen, so very badly needed after losing my Mother in July i have had so needed to get away or some "r" and "r" so badly i wanted to get ticket's to come and see you but it did not happen but i would love to come see you, still and i would love to win your 12 -of 12 Day's giveaway's ,that would be so fight or col at my age of 57 i am still allowed to say cool right but i would love to come and see you my e-mail is , God Bless and hope i get to come and see you or win the 12 of 12 day's, would get some Christmas present's and maybe one or two of them i could give to my Girl's i will not be able to have Christmas as we did not have Thanksgiving, i would so much to win your giveaway's or come and see you if i do not get do do either will say Merry Christmas and Thank You for all the thing's you have done on your show she just absolutly loved your show we did watch it , and every thing had to be hush Ellen is on, i miss her , but so for now, i hope that i win something on your show Ellen .

Tina Thomas
Win Day 12 of 12 Days!
219 days ago

I would Love to win the 12 Day's of Christmas with Ellen, that would be so great, i think she is great talk show host, none can beat her, i just hope to win the right down get n it truth .

Tina Thomas
Win Day 10 of Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
223 days ago

I would love to win some thing's for my Grand Children, we are not doing great this year i wanted to win to be on your show with my Mom she passed away in july, i wanted to go with her some where all my brothers and sisters have got to go places with her, we are in finacialy bad shape, i do have no money to buy any Christmas for any of them, they kicked us out of her house right after she was not even in the ground, so we got a Apt. to live in My Daughter and Grand Daughter my Daughter is on Disablity and i also, we had no Thanks giving first time i could not even get in the spirit of it my Mom and i was close i just wish that we could have went some where together, if i could just win some toy's or any thing where i could get them a little something maybe it would not be so bad, Thank's for reading off what i put it's very hard to ask for help, if i won it would be great .