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Tina Parsons
Name Tina Parsons
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Hobbies refurbishing my 1908 Farmhouse and my dogs
About Me I am a proud 'Mama' of 3 beautiful and inspiring girls and married to the man of my dreams after kissing a few frogs. I am figuring our how to be the mom to a gay 15 year old girl in the Bible Belt of South Carolina and trying my best to support her and figure this whole thing out. I am a hotelier, supporting 46 hotels in the state of SC for a major brand and love hospitality!
Tina Parsons
Ellen's Playlist: November 13 2013
237 days ago

I am taking my daughter to the P!nk concert in Atlanta and she is dying for me to try and find backstage passes. She recently 'came-out' to our family that she is gay and has really been struggling - even to the point of me pulling her out of traditional school because of the bullying her and I would love to be able to make her dream come true or have you Ellen (also one of her idols) or P!nk send her an inspirations note to lift her spirits through this tough time - she is only 15 years old and I am SOOOOO proud of her. As a mama, of course I want to give her the world, but I am NOT Ellen or P!NKI! Please help me make my little girls dreams come true!