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Tina Marie Spicer
Name Tina Marie Spicer
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Hobbies oh boy! ummm, work? What do I LIKE to do? haha! I like to walk my dogs (4 babies), spend time with my kids, 24, 20 & 17.., quilting, running, working out, cross country skiing, cutting wood, cooking, love to read, take pictures anywhere I'm at, but mostly I work. :-))!!
About Me I'm a Mom of 3 awesome children who aren't really "children" anymore, I live on a small farm which puts quality food on our table without worrying about all the junk out there. I love to garden & cook. There is something about getting your hands in the soil & cultivating something that sustains your family. I love to read, work out with all the ladies at the gym, run with my dogs & my guy, go for rides on the bike, bonfires, quilting oh my! If I didn't have to work I would love my life!! lol!! I do love my life & try to be grateful each & every day. My children keep me grounded. I am so proud to have them in my life. Knowing that these three came from what I gave while they were learning & growing into people I not only love but ones that I LIKE. They went through a divorce & an upbringing that was not on par with most kids they grew up with but they knew I did my best & that they were loved. I lost my Mother very suddenly this year, cared for my grandmother & got her moved back with her Neice in TX where she wanted to be, had a bout with breast cancer so it's been quite a year. SO, when I wake up each day I think of what I am thankful for. Some days it's easier some harder but I always come back to this thought. There is ALWAYS someone out there who has had it harder than me. It keeps my mind strong & my heart grateful. xo