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Tina Maria
Name Tina Maria
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Hobbies Dance music, making yards pretty, science, making people giggle, welding, watching Ellen of course.
About Me I am a 51 year old lesbian, worked the only gay bar in Huntsville for a long while til gf died and i lost my big big fan of dance music, love it, spent last 2 years getting new music to kind of reset myself. I love your show, so much love and laughter, thanks so much for that. Hope all is well with you and yours. Always T
Tina Maria
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577 days ago

Thank you and yours for making the world a better place to be.
Also thanks for the laughter, the love and kindness. lymi. Always T.

Tina Maria
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584 days ago

Thank you for the joy, the laughter and the love. Right back at ya.
Always T

Tina Maria
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601 days ago

Ellen, thanks for making the world laugh and shine. You are one funny hot mess, you go girl.....lymi Always T