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Tina Larrison
Name Tina Larrison
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Hobbies watching the ellen show, fishing, boating, hiking, and making jewelry.
About Me I graduated at Shelbyville High. I met Paul in high school. we got married at the age of 19. we lost two children. one was 3-months old. thee other one at almost 3 yrs old. We went over the road in a semi for 4 yrs. been to 48 states and Canada. we bought our first house in 1996. We lost our home do to Pauls semi accident. We felt as if we where starting all over again. we lived in a trailer for awhile. and then bought another house from a bank. it was a remodel home. when we found out the construction was more then we could handle. we are now, at a stopping point. with high cost of materials, and and I cant help Paul, with home. you see, when he had this accident. he is now not able to do very heavy things.Paul got shifted to the right very very quickly.under the dash in the semi. His right leg got placed behind his head. And his left arm got placed hanging out side the window shield. police stated that if he had that telephone post come down any more then one to two inches more he would have lost his arm. I do try to help him.and I am thankful for just being able to keep him. my wrist are weak and im not very strong in strengh. but, your show was a reminder today of what I am really thankful for. And i just wanted to say thank you. tina larrison
Tina Larrison
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616 days ago

Hello, my name is Tina Larrison
I love the ellen show. It makes me laugh, every day that I watch her show. I was thinking about the question what are you thankful for? And I just wanted to share with you. that I am thankful for my Husban. we have been married for 23 years. We are high school sweat hearts. and he has aways had a gift for sweat talking to me. and has not let up yet!!! most importantly, the year 2004. Paul, had a Semi Accident, and his last words was, God, dont take me. Tina needs me. I haven't told him this. We have always tryed to pull each other out of any negitive situations. I really do love him alot. But, since it was thanksgiving. I just wanted to share this with you. ***Thank You*** for making me laugh every day, when I watch your show. your the greatest!!! :) Tina Larrison

P.S. We have bought a house and working, remodeling this house. But, we try to complete things together. BUT, I HAVE TO BE HONEST WITH YOU. WE ARE POOPED OUT, BURNT OUT, and im not sure if this house will get done until doom's day!!! LOL