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tina cummings
Name tina cummings
Location jax, fla
Age 46
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Hobbies love watching your show if im going to miss it i record it love spending time with grankids and family outings with them to when i got money
About Me i have two sons david and ricky they live in wva where all family lives. i have been with my boyfriend seven years he has two daughters and 7 grandkids i call them mine to.i love cooking and spending time with them but our trailer isnt very good and unhealthy for grankids to come over because are land lord wont fix are trailer because she dont have the money to fix it but we call it bestfriend mary i call her my whifeypooh thats my boyfriends half sister i love her she loves you too well thats all me
tina cummings
Bradley Cooper, Bruno Mars and Day 12 of 12 Days!
589 days ago

i hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful christmas day and god bless you all