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Tina Kyles
Name Tina Kyles
Location Bloomington, Indiana
Joined 607 days ago
Hobbies I love animals!, Laughing and being happy, watching movies,listening to music and dancing, traveling, cooking.
About Me I Love the Ellen show and what she does for people. She is such a humanitarian. Love her and her generosity! Ellen, you will always be blessed for all that you do. I am a Certified Surgery Technician who works very hard. I love my job and helping people, but I would love to hit the lottery one day, so I can retire, travel and help my mother get everything she needs, because she has multiple sclerosis and is bound to a chair. She has an awesome spirit and mind, and I know this is where I get my strength. I tape The Ellen Show every day and dream of being on her show one day and to get my daily dose of laughter. Ellen always has awesome guests on her show! I won't give up my dream of one day attending her 12days of give a ways! Sorry my picture is side ways, I couldn't rotate it,
Tina Kyles
Heads Up! Kaley Cuoco Gives Clues to Ellen
435 days ago

I bought the heads Up app, but I have a 1st generation iPad and it's not as fun!

Tina Kyles
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
550 days ago

Happy Birthday Ellen, I know your staff will throw you the best birthday bash ever!
You deserve the best!

Tina Kyles
Message from Ellen
563 days ago

Congratulations, Ellen on your 10th season. Hopefully, there will be 10 more seasons.
I can't wait to see Kevin Hart! He is seriously funny! I enjoyed Jami Foxx, also, I had to watch your show twice when he was on. I absolutely love comedians and animals, the two together is a cure for the blues!
I can't imagine what announcement you are going to make, because the 12days of give-
-a-ways was so awesome that I don't know what could be any better than that. I just enjoy your show and your guests. I admire your love for people and for animals. I bet I love animals just as much as you if not even more and my family knows it. I wish I would've gotten into a field that involves animals...maybe it's not too late?

Tina Kyles
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
597 days ago

Gerard. wow, what a handsome hunk of a man! Oh well, I tried to win tickets to the show, but I would settle for just one thing...
The Dr. Dre Beats headphones! They would make my up coming birthday very special. I couldn't believe it when you gave them away on the very first show. I was depressed before I watched your show, because I had gotten bad news that one of my best friends had passed away the night before. I was in shock, but my spirits were lifted a little when I saw how happy everybody was. You make me and I'm sure, millions of other people laugh. I know Tuesdays show is going to be even better.