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Tiffany Marzullo
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Tiffany Marzullo
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551 days ago

My brother, Anthony "LT" Marzullo is the BIGGEST most DEVOTED 49er fan EVER! Words cannot describe what a fan he is, and how much he deserves to be on your show Ellen. He LIVES, EATS, and BREATHES the 49ers!!! He has clothes, shoes, things for his car, his house, I mean EVERYTHING 49er. Any question about the team, he can answer. Ive never met anyone in my life that is so devoted to a team. Theres a commercial where there is a 49er fan giving a pre-game pep talk to the brother should have been in that commercial. I wish I could attach the video of him crying win they won the game last Sunday...its PRICELESS! I am teling you Ellen he is the most entertaining thing to be around during a 49er game. He has made my entire family fans, just because he is the BIGGEST FAN! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ELLEN, if you truly want to find the worlds BIGGEST and BEST 49er FAN, meet my brother. He will not disappoint, and he will make you a fan!