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Tiffany Nelson
Name Tiffany Nelson
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Hobbies Dancing Volleyball Reading books Watching Ellen Degeneres Show!!!
About Me I am a single mom of two beautiful girls. I work at the Boise VA Medical Center. I am a CNA(certified nurses assistant). I enjoy helping our vets who can no longer care for themselves. It is very rewarding job. I enjoy watching your show. I want to be ont he show with you dancing right next to you!!!
Tiffany Nelson
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634 days ago

Ellen I love your show! I think everyone has a right to voice their opinion. Not all fans are for Obama and not all fans are for Romney either. I think everyone is looking way into this. Maybe I'm dumb but out of your show today, I didn't think you were trying to promote any kind of political view on who we should vote for. Ellen I love you and I thought your show was just fine!!! People can look way into things and make something that just isn't what your thinking. Love Ya Ellen!!!