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Justin Bieber
258 days ago

Dear Ellen,
To start this off I'm just going to say you inspire me more then anyone. You give back all the time, and make people's dreams come true! You're truly amazing! Just like you inspire me so does my ever so beloved husband Justin Bieber, I love him more then any person in thee entire world! *starts crying* he's changed my whole life, from his story, to the person he is today. He's taught me never give up on your dreams because anything is possible if you just believe. And I'm never ever ever going to give up on trying to me him nor marrying him. I have it set and planned that I'm marrying him. It's really hard hearing when people talk bad about him, because like I said I love him more then anything/anyone. The negative things I hear make me what to kick over trash bins and pull my hair out because everyone judges him on what he used to be like or how they think he is. People say well you've never met him so you don't know maybe he's an "*******" and I just sit there like whatever I'll meet him one day. Like I said I personally have never met him but I still defend him like I've known him my whole life! I feel like he makes me happier then I ever was his music gets me to a state of mind that I can't reach while listening to others music. There's just something about him that makes my heart melt. I mean totally besides the fact that he's beautiful & can sing. When I do say I'm going to marry him people say "yeah just for his money" welllll that's a complete lie because when I do marry him they'll see I won't ever ask for a thing from him ever! He's more then the fame & money. He's a down to earth human being and he has feelings & some people tend to forget about that. And I'll I'm asking for is a chance to meet him! Please Ellen all I'm asking is for an opportunity I will legit probably faint or won't be able to stand my mom says. So if I my dream does come true because of you, just make sure you have some pillow around. Because if I do faint I don't want to feel the pain in the morning. But don't feel like you need to do it I don't need to meet him I just reallllllllllly desperately want to. God bless you much love Ellen - Tiara, 14, Waukesha, Wi, email