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Tia green
Name Tia green
Location England , Uk
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Hobbies I love to sing and dance!:3
About Me Ive been a belieber since 2009 and I'd love to one day become a singer you see(:
Tia green
Justin Bieber
478 days ago

Ellen,I would love to meet justin bieber because I love him,okay that sounds really stupid. I'm really shy naturally shy and meeting justin would boost up my confidence. He's my idol and my Inspiration. In January I entered about 30 competitions to try and meet justin but I obviously didn't win. I'm 13 years old and I'm 14 this year. I know there's a dozen other beliebers wanting to meet justin too but Ellen I love him like (I'm in love with him) it'd mean the world to me if I got to meet him. Give me that confidence because I'd love to be a singer. Your gorgeous Ellen;) you should so help me,I'm young and I love singing and meeting my idol would sure help. I stay up most nights till the morning waiting for justin to tweet. That sounds really sad but I'm just dedicated and I love him so much. It'd mean the world to me if I got to meet justin. I know it would to a lot of other people but I have major bieber fever and have since 2009 so you gotta help me out?i mean i went to london the other week,and nearly started crying because i realised justin could of been driving down the same road as me at that point and i couldnt hold back my tears. please Ellen,help my dream come true?anyway I hope I have a chance thanks Ellen,thanks a bunch!mwah:3