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Thomas McKittrick
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About Me old man at 68yrs.
Thomas McKittrick
Message from Ellen
502 days ago

Love you. Love the show, it's always an hour of smiles, fun and laughter. That of course leads to some interesting memories. Thanks for the mental pics/laughter that you bring to my day,

Thomas McKittrick
Colin Farrell, Steve Spangler
515 days ago

Love Colin when he's on your show. He's not just a hollywood "bad" boy, he's a lovable shy HUNK>and you bring it out. Thanks, just LOOVVEE watching him squirm on your show. Adorable.

Thomas McKittrick
Backstage Pics: Halle Berry as Holly Berry
566 days ago

I never would have guessed it. Wonderful. Thanks Ellen, Thanks Halle.

Thomas McKittrick
Heidi Klum, and Nikki Reed
632 days ago

Love you, love your show. You make my heart smile every day.
I will not open my mouth and smile re:no teeth, but I can smile
in my mind and my heart.Thank you.