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Theresia A Gardetto
Name Theresia A Gardetto
Location Lodi, CA
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Hobbies Red Hat Ladies, visiting close friends, Travel, Volunteering, being Positive and encouraging others
About Me Widow, Live alone with my baby Chihuahua. We both have disabilities. Long to be able to enjoy my "need Gold in these Years" LOL I want to meet Ellen and Be at one of her 12 Days of Christmas Shows. My girlfriend Chris and I have Been Trying. We were Roommates back in the early 70's and after loosing track of each other we reconnected a few years ago! We are still the same as we use to be! rying to get a small Notary biz up an running. I try to keep my friends happy and laughing. I trust in the Lord and Pray everyday. Friends are important to me. !!! I love my Baby Girl, Cricket. She is a gift from God. Love to watch ELLEN and laugh!!!! Wish I could try some of her dance moves!! She is amazing! I am a Cancer Survivor at over one year now. I also have MS, it doesn't have me! I have a new boyfriend who lives 3 hours away. He is also disabled. We were friends in School. We only spend about a week a month together because the drive is hard on us physically. We just enjoy the time we have the best we can. We make each other happy. Its Nice but hard saying goodbyes or rather, see ya laters! I live by the Golden Rule, my father taught me that. I miss having family but God Graced Me with some great Friends !! Love them all! Enjoy cooler weather, heat wears me down. Love Life!
Theresia A Gardetto
Caption This: Surprise Cat
333 days ago

AHHHH is the Coffee Ready Yet?

Theresia A Gardetto
Fans Celebrate Ellen and Portia's Anniversary
360 days ago

Happy Anniversary to Ellen and Portia! Enjoy each other forever! Keep the happiness Alive and the Love will continue to Bloom.
I am currently dating a great man with ALS. I have MS and we believe that together we make one heck of a Great Person. We enjoy each other every time we are able to get together, its a long distance relationship. Maybe someday we will celebrate our Love but right now we are the Best-est of Friends, boyfriend and Girlfriend. It feels great.
I see a future of Happiness for both of us, like I see the happiness in you (Ellen)and Portia.
Now I got to try and get my tickets for the 12 Days of Christmas, hope to see ya then.
Love to you both!
Theresia Gardetto