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Theresa Money
Name Theresa Money
Location Central City, Nebraska
Age 62
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Hobbies sewing, making jewelry, reading
About Me I lived in Texas for about 30yrs then came back to Nebraska to live with & help my brother & mother, they both have health issues, so i do what i can for both of them.
Theresa Money
Rachel McAdams, Hailee Steinfeld
265 days ago

Dear Ellen; I live in a small town in Nebraska, Central City,we have a couple here named Tom & Chris Baker; they save cats & dogs of all kinds because we have no humane society here. They take them into their home & garage & outside pens they have all built themselves. They do get a little help from Procter & Gamble (Iams) for dog food but they need so much more. They have had to stop taking in animals because they have no more room & can't afford to feed or take care of anymore, they are in financial trouble because of their caring for these poor animals. Chris works outside the home; cleaning houses but i don't believe that Tom can, I do think he repair clocks. I believe these people deserve the $100,000 because this is the kind of people they are they just don't want animals on the street. Please Ellen help them they & the animals need you. Thank-you Teri