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Theresa Mirabelli
Name Theresa Mirabelli
Joined 247 days ago
Hobbies I love to cook, make people laugh, read,
About Me I have two wounderfull children who are always there for me. I had my left hip recalled and had a revision surgery this past may. I took care of my Mom for five years till is wasn't able to she will be 91 this Dec.11 and she still makes me laugh.
Theresa Mirabelli
Dim the Lights
247 days ago

I love to watch Ellen she has such a big heart and helps so many people. She is so funny and brightens my day. It is so nice to see a person who is wearing her heart where everyone can see every day. Some days are hard for me, but watching Ellen and seeing so many other people who have it harder than me brings me back to reality, and like the song than I don't feel so bad. So thank you Ellen for that.