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Theresa Holden
Name Theresa Holden
Location Kitchener, Outside the USA
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Hobbies Knitting, cross-stitching and reading
About Me I have a son who live in Japan. His wife just gave birth to my first grandchild. Missing them very much
Theresa Holden
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
593 days ago

Dear Ellen,
What do I want most in life is good question. I have always wanted peace and harmony.
I raised my son wanting for him to have a better life then me (not having to struggle everyday to make ends meet)and teaching him that he can be anything he puts his heart and mind to. Well I guess I succeeded. He is grown and has married a beautiful Japanese woman. They have just given me my first grandchild. All this is wonderful and I am happy for them and very proud of my son. unfortunately for me they do not live here in Canada with us, they live in her Country of Japan. I miss them so much and I promised to save every possible penny I could, so that my husband and I could go visit them. Well that didn't work out to well as our car has picked this past summer and fall to break down several times and any money I saved was spent on it. So here we are my first grandchild is born on December 1st and all I can do is look at pictures of him and see my son and his wife on Skype holding him.
So back to want I want the most is to be able to go to Japan and visit them and hold my grandson Hayate in my arms.
My heart breaks everyday from missing them and wishing I could be with them.
I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for the smiles and the joy you bring to my heart. I watch your show everyday and then rush off to work, knowing that I am in a much better mood from watching your show and watching you a person who cares about others.
I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.